iConceptStore™ Robotic Process Automation Framework


A new iConceptStore Robotic Process Automation Framework has emerged as a result of integrating AutoHotKey (AHK) with iConceptStore. In this framework a set of running custom application specific AHK scripts detect simple changes in application views displayed on the desktop/laptop screen and notify iConceptStore, which recognises patterns of such changes as specific custom application primitive events. Based on custom-defined knowledge how and when such primitive events combine to trigger chains of complex events that ultimately require meaningful automatic reactions (or in extraordinary situations alerts for interactive human intervention), iConceptStore sends back to AHK for execution complete sets of primitive (re)action instructions (e.g., enter data, select menu item, push button, etc.) in the form of executable AHK scripts generated. Thus, as EntityNet client, in this framework AHK serves the two independent front-end agent roles of Observer (Screen Sensor / Change Detector) and Effector (Actuator), while iConceptStore serves the closely linked back-end roles of dynamic knowledge based Event Monitor and Action Planner-Coordinator, performed strictly within custom application context (see the iConceptStore General Cognitive Architecture).


The intended usage of this framework is creation of intelligent software robots (softbots) to automate routine Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in repetitive office and factory process control tasks as well as computer-aided teaching/training.



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