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Strategic Objectives:  To carry out research in the field of knowledge-based systems engineering, aimed at developing and applying innovative methodologies, supported by appropriate language and software tools, with particular emphasis on those aspects, pertaining to human conceptualization of the universe of discourse (application domain of interest) and related knowledge organization paradigms and representation formalisms as well as corresponding reasoning mechanisms, underlying human’s ability to dynamically analyse and solve non-trivial ill-structured problems, possibly making action plans and taking alternatives discriminating decisions under conditions of imperfect (incomplete, inconsistent and uncertain) information.





Work on methodology, design and implementation of iConceptStore+, a functionally extended future version of iConceptStore™, has started. In iConceptStore™ the main emphasis is on expressive means of expert knowledge engineering – systematic elicitation, multi-level structuring and storing/retrieving (in both human-friendly and digital forms) of expert knowledge. Conversely, iConceptStore+ is aimed at further automated explication, transformation and consistent use of such generalised and structurally highly organised knowledge through dynamic simulation of the related mental process we all call systems thinking. In the future these two complementary features would develop in synchrony with each other.



A new original iConceptStore™ programmatic (C++ and COM) HTTP-based interface – encompassing both system (binary) and task (semantic) levels – has been developed as a first step towards enabling iConceptStore cloud deployment with or without local desktop or LAN installation. It provides transparent unified access to any iConceptStore based remote services across Internet and/or LAN, possibly in combination with any such integrated services, residing on the local desktop.



A new iConceptStore™ Robotic Process Automation Framework has emerged as a result of AutoHotKey integration.



The recent launch of the new 3.7 version of iConceptStore™ - an advanced knowledge base platform for next generation intelligent workstations - marks another attempt to prove in practice rather than in conference rooms that science has some ultimate pragmatic value. The unique Conceptual Modelling Language (CML) of the Conceptor™ knowledge engineering subsystem of this version features an extensive set of new modelling categories, dynamically supported by its run-time engine and related APIs. Apart from its practical potential in mainstream computing, the iConceptStore™ infrastructure, functionality and tools are intended to serve as a foundation for further cognitive technology research and development efforts planned. iConceptStore™ based projects in strategic application domains are already in progress.



Strategic Objectives:  iConceptStore™ is aimed at supporting the science, art and pragmatics of both qualitative and quantitative modelling of real and hypothetical systems and related phenomena as a way of expressing in conceptual form relevant declarative and procedural knowledge that underlies expert reasoning during problem-solving and decision-making processes. In terms of usability iConceptStore™ has three main pivots: (1) It can serve as an Expert Knowledge Representation and Management System; (2) Its conceptual modelling framework provides flexible infrastructure with integrated tools for advanced application back-end development, emphasizing the primary role of logic that underlies any functionality; (3) The iConceptStore SQL-Link Edition enables dynamic integration and intelligent use of data.

Within the iConceptStore methodology expert knowledge consists of interrelated dynamic mental models of relevant essential parts of an application domain of interest (as perceived reality, augmented by imagination), including problem-solving methods of related human practice in the form of conditionally attached reasoning mechanisms. The unique declarative conceptual modelling language (CML) of the iConceptStore Conceptor™ knowledge engineering subsystem is intended for domain experts, engaged in replication of such highly structured mental models, whether as part of application software development or stand-alone What-If Analysis. Being not necessarily programmers, they can use Conceptor™ CML in their modelling activities to describe dynamic fragments of real or hypothetical worlds in terms, corresponding to their own natural human conceptualization in order to concentrate on application domain compexities rather than computer internal representations and operations.

One of the most distinguishing features of iConceptStore Conceptor™ CML is its general-purpose design.  As conceived from the outset, these generic capabilities stem from its conceptual foundation – human thoughts are concept based reflection (perceptions generalisation) of reality observed or imagined. While knowledge in a specific area of expertise may enrich the human thinking process and its result, human’s natural intelligence is not confined to any particular domain. Likewise, while the syntax of iConceptStore Conceptor™ CML is restricted to ensure well-formed and unambiguous expression of expert knowledge, its vocabulary and usage are not. In fact, they are virtually unlimited, going far beyond even those of a natural language – it is entirely up to the user what kind of words (real or made-up) to use as names of the concepts (familiar or invented) he/she defines. The semantics (explicit or not) of those user concepts is also open to arbitrary interpretation by custom application programs (of one form or another).

The iConceptStore™ Conceptor™ CML built-in modelling categories (selected general-purpose mental models based meta-concepts with well-defined semantics, dynamically supported by its run-time engine) constitute the cornerstone of its methodological foundation, making the knowledge engineering process more systematic and efficient. By combining conditionally in CML scripts these built-in configurable patterns of thought with references to his/her own custom concept definitions one can form descriptions of highly structured mental models of arbitrary complexity thus reflecting dynamic compositions of nested fragments of useful expert knowledge in any specific application domain. The absolutely optional use of these built-in semantic categories facilitates the process of appropriate conceptual model structuring and description as part of any general systems engineering activity. Overall, these iConceptStore™ capabilities are best utilised within Artificial Intelligence (AI) context.

With a COM based implementation in C++, iConceptStore™ currently runs under MS Windows XP/7/10 Professional as well as Windows Server 2008 and later (32-/64-bit) operating systems. It is integrated with MS SQL Server and on the desktop with MS Office (COM/C++/VBA add-ins for Excel, Word, Outlook and Project) and Internet Explorer. It is further extensible by means of custom functions to provide for user specific modelling capabilities. Readily accessible from within any C/C++/VB/VBA/VBScript/C# code, its well structured framework can be used programmatically to easily embed (or connect to) other software and information components and/or be embedded within (or connected to) any other software system.

Among many usage scenarios, iConceptStore™ provides to MS Excel an advanced application infrastructure and serves as its intelligent back-end engine, seamlessly linked to it through COM/VBA interfaces. The purpose of this integration is to combine the modelling capabilities of these complementary tools by using Excel as universal information presentation front-end with embedded dynamic links to sophisticated conceptual structures and business logic in iConceptStore™ modelbases. Deployed within the context of modern knowledge management paradigms, this symbiosis can provide effective means of improving problem-solving and other decision support activities in different application domains.


Strategic Partners: We believe that serious businesses need Analytical Minds and Analytical Minds need Methodology and Tools such as those embodied in iConceptStore™. Hence, we seek collaboration with Analytical Minds of any professional background in order to multiply our effort to commercialise the iConceptStore™ technologies in combination with third-party products and services. To this end, we look forward to joining local and international business partners with complementary expertise, whether general business process analysis/management consultants or decision support experts in particular application domains (e.g., investment information analysis, engineering design, manufacturing process planning, etc.) or researchers or software developers:


to jointly develop and market dynamic What-If Analytics, using MS Excel as a front-end and iConceptStore as a back-end;


to jointly develop and market sophisticated business solutions (e.g., proactive decision support applications), using the complementary capabilities of tightly integrated MS Excel, MS SQL Server and iConceptStore for the specific purposes of information presentation, data management and domain modelling, respectively;


to jointly develop and market usage-independent domain-specific knowledge bases and related dedicated deductive reasoning components for inclusion in different applications;


to jointly develop and market iConceptStore based complete (hardware and software) intelligent system configurations, including advanced sensors and actuators for different application domains;


to jointly develop/integrate and market complementary application development methodologies and corresponding supporting tools under iConceptStore compatible paradigms;


to jointly provide worldwide consulting, development, training and supporting services to governmental, educational and commercial users of iConceptStore related methodologies, tools, applications and information/knowledge bases.

We invite individuals and organizations, interested in any form of such long-term business collaboration with us, to get in touch by sending detailed background information and motivation points to any of the following e-mail addresses as appropriate (Research/Development/Applications):



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